Planet Jarre: The Podcast

Planet Jarre: The Podcast

Bonus Episode: The Sounds Of Oxygene

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In this mini episode Jean-Michel Jarre walks Matt Berry through how he created some of the iconic sounds on the monumental album that is “Oxygene”. The use of minimal equipment in clever ways meant that “Oxygene” changed the sound of electronic music forever. Jean-Michel gives some deep insight in to the processing using specific pedals that he used to create strange new sounds and Matt Berry can hardly contain his excitement!

Episode 5: The Future

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In 2018 Jean-Michel Jarre announced two album projects. The first is the career-spanning collection "Planet Jarre" for which he dug deep into his vaults and arranged in an innovative thematic way. The second is the upcoming "Equinoxe Infinity", an exciting new project based around artificial intelligence which revisits the themes of his classic album "Equinoxe” on its 40th anniversary. In this episode Matt Berry dives deep into the music creation process and the two discuss how technology is both a blessing and a restriction for musicians today.

Episode 4: Electronica

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“Electronica” is a Grammy nominated project that Jean-Michel Jarre released on two albums in 2015 and 2016. It features 32 collaborations with different artists including Pete Townshend, Moby, Armin van Buuren and Hans Zimmer. In this episode Matt Berry and Jean-Michel Jarre talk about the mammoth process of traveling and recording with each artist, the personal connections made, and future plans for “Electronica 3”.

Episode 3: Playing live

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Jean-Michel Jarre has so far received FOUR Guinness World Records for playing to the biggest crowds the world has ever seen. His stage design continues to break new ground with every tour he plays. In this Episode Matt and Jean-Michel talk about how terrifying and surprising it was to play in front of a crowd of one million people in Paris and what it was like to be the first musician to perform these massive outdoor concerts. The two discuss what impressions he left with the citizens of China following his ground breaking concerts in 1981 and how an incredible London crowd made up for the hilarious and ridiculous organization of his famous Dockland show. Discover how an artist comes up with new visual ideas for live shows and what six camels have got to do with the legendary concert in front of the pyramids in Egypt.

Episode 2: OXYGENE

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This week Jean-Michel Jarre and Matt Berry discuss the process of creating an album that would change the course of Electronic Music forever, what cooking has to do with music production, and how works considered classics today were initially boundary-breaking experimentations. An episode that is a must for every modern producer and fan of music history!

Episode 1: The Early Years

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Matt Berry dives into the early years of Jean-Michel Jarre’s career, discussing how the noise of a railway station formed his early interest in strange sounds, selling a guitar to purchase his first electronic instrument and how thinking non-commercially lead to huge success.

About this podcast

Jean-Michel Jarre is a true pioneer in electronic music. A two time Grammy nominee, with more than eighty million albums sold throughout his career, a four-time Guinness World Record holder for largest concert ever performed, and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, renowned for his one-off groundbreaking events at historical landmarks across the world. Jarre has been a key force in turning electronic music into the phenomenon it is today. An innovator on many levels, Jarre is often cited as an important influence by artists of the genre today.

Matt Berry is an actor, writer, and musician. In 2015 he won a BAFTA award for his work on Toast of London. Berry himself is a composer and musician who has released six studio albums to date and is a longtime fan of Jean-Michel Jarre!

In Planet Jarre: The Podcast, the two meet in Jarre’s Paris studio to talk about the roots of Jean-Michel Jarre´s career, his explorations into a completely new genre called “Electronic Music” and the instruments and tools he used to create his groundbreaking album Oxygene. They discuss the recent Grammy-nominated Electronica project and what it is like collaborating with thirty musicians that have helped shape Electronic Music today. They discuss the massive, record-breaking outdoor performances and also look ahead to the future and discuss Jarre’s upcoming projects!

by Jean-Michel Jarre and Matt Berry


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